I am completely sure that only 1 or 2 people I know have watched this movie.  One of them could be my dad, who watches all the Hollywood movies out there. 
Everytime I saw its teaser in theaters, it left me utterly lost.  The story looked so uninteresting.  But, since Disney has spent enormous amount in its production, I suspected that it can’t be all bad.
Then, I found out that there used to be an previous old version of TRON in 1980s.
I actually rented the movie.  80% of the movie looks like below:

It left me in awe. In awe, by its geeky-ness.  How could someone with a right mind have made such a geeky movie with geeky computer terminology back in 80s, when nobody was really using personal computers?  And that someone was Disney production!
You have no idea what I mean unless you watch it.

So I finally rented the new one (TRON Legacy) and watched it tonight.  Wow.  I wish I had seen it in a theater.  I already have the soundtrack, which is a masterpiece (AND the music directer of the film is Jason Bentley, the host of Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW Santa Monica, my hero).  The story is not as geeky but not so bad, and the visual was fantastic.  I am not saying TRON will make your heart throb and leave you with tears.  This movie is for “wow” experience.

We need more mind-blowingly creative films like this.  Some of them may turn out to be complete disaster, but we definitely need them.