If you ever travel from the States to Japan, wondering “Oh, what should I get for Meri?”, please just drop by your nearest supermarket and get me a couple of Jiffy boxes.  It only costs you $2 or so.

While I was living in the States, I used to get Jiffy every week and made myself muffins.  What is good about Jiffy is that it only costs 59 cents (which now equals about 45 yen!) and will get you 6 muffins, in less than 20 minutes.  You don’t even have to whip your egg, just mix an egg and milk.  You can never ever go wrong with Jiffy.  It is just simply impossible.  Of course, you can forget to put an egg, then it will give you inedible chunks of something. But, otherwise.

I tried so hard to find it in Japan – at imported food stores, online, etc, with no success to date.  Oh Jiffy, how I love you.

The cupcake paper, which I found at TJ Max, is my absolute favorite now.  The company has the same name as mine!