Back from Squam Art Workshop and then Chicago.  Last night.

My mind is still swirling and incoherent.  I borrowed bunch of books from the library, took lots of photos, baked, browsing through recorded TV programs, cleaning up, cutting papers, since this morning. I am all over the place.
I need more time to organize my newly acquired memories into order.

Upon returning to work from tomorrow, I have a feeling that this phrase is going to be my mantra for the next few months: “You cannot understand the world by dissecting it.”
It’s a title of the above book, written by a Japanese molecular biologist.  The title caught my eye because, ironically, I am working on a series of customer segmentation projects for over an year now.  Maybe I am growing tired of it by now.

Other books are bunch of regional planning / urban design books.  I haven’t read any of those in 10 years, but visiting Chicago got me really into this.  One of them is by my old professor.  More, soon.