It was like a dream.
I’d never imagined that one day I would be seeing this painting in person.

I’ve been holding back most photos from my Chicago trip, in the hope to do some background checking and researching first.  Well, be realistic.  I am not a professional writer, and I hardly have such time.  So here they are, Chicago photos.

Let me first tell you, I am a huge O’Keeffe fan.  She is the only artist I’ve ever read a full biography of.  I own several books on her, and have seen most of her work in those books.  And this piece is my #1 favorite… (I prefer her landscape and abstract paintings than flower motifs)…  it was right there, on the wall of a big staircase.

Many of you may know, O’Keeffe lived in Chicago area while she was young. She used to study at Chicago Art Institute before she met Stieglitz and became famous.  So when I asked a security staff lady where I might find O’Keeffe paintings, no wonder she knew exactly where to find them.

I wonder how their life together had been.  I understand very well why O’Keeffe didn’t wanted to stay in NYC for too long.  On the other hand, Stieglitz was a city person, didn’t wanted to move out of New York.

This black cross is another of my favorites.  It’s such a powerful painting, like no other.

They have more extensive collection of O’Keeffe painting on display than any other museums I’ve ever been to (I’m sure the O’Keeffe Museum has more, of course.  Love to visit there one day).  The museum itself is marvelous.  Wonderful curating work.

(Some random works that I liked there.)