I had a full-blown weekend, starting with a mini Tokyo tour with Sivan. She is a photojournalist lives in NYC, and was visiting Tokyo for an article. We decided to do some photo shoot together in the city.
I wanted to take her to more traditional parts of Tokyo, because I am not so familiar with sub-culture things and we had limited time. Our first stop was my favorite place, Meiji Jingu (Shrine).

It happened to be the 100 year anniversary day of Meiji Emperor’s death, and the shrine was built to commemorate. We were lucky to see both the special ceremony and a wedding.

Some details.  I always go there, so I didn’t take any photo of the shrine itself.

I have to say, I am not religious.  I just like the place, besides, I prefer shrines to temples.  Shinto (shrines) is older than Buddhism  in Japan,  and it has some mysterious gothic feelings to it.

Below, this is where people make their wishes.  Kind of beautiful.

More, to be continued.