A mini-session at a tea shop. We were late for the 11 o’clock appointment,  but managed to get in.
Ippodo is one of the most well-established Japanese tea shop from Kyoto.  They have a monthly seminar on tea serving.
This time, we tried 3 different types of bancha and hojicha.  I’d never compared different types of green tea at one time before.  They were so different from each other, and so good.

It was a busy session – taking notes, listening to the explanation, making tea, eating…

Then we walked around the Tokyo Station area a little bit.

Went into a design store.

And had lunch with my other 2 friends at an organic-sort-of restaurant.
Sivan gave me a few of her work in prints, and I totally loved them.
Check out her Intimacy Under the Wire series. So gorgeous.
Her photos are 100 times better than my iPhone/Hipstamatic photos.

She seemed to love not-too-touristic parts of Tokyo very much, and I hope she will come back soon.  Till then!