Finally, yes, finally, I started reading Emerson’s essays.
Unlike those of you who grew up in English speaking world, my school textbook did not contain any English or American literature.  The only chance of encounter with great English poetry was through citation in books I read.
I am reading Nature, then Beauty.  Some of his very early work, which, according to the researchers, were not accepted warmly when published.  Today is the different world.  The relationship between men and Nature is starting to have new meanings. Everything he had written sounds so true today.
His writing is so beautiful.  It makes me feel that everything there is to say is already been written by him in the best possible manner.  None of us can exceed his writing skill…it almost seems.


To go into solitude, a man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society.  I am not solitary whilst I read and write, though nobody is with me.  But if a man would be alone, let him look at the stars……….<several sentences>…… But every night come out these envoys of beauty, and light the universe with their admonishing smile.
孤独にひたるためには、人は社会からだけでなく自分の部屋からも出なければならない。誰も側にいないとしても、私は読書をしたり執筆をしている間は孤独を感じない。だから孤独になりたい人には、星を観ることを勧める。<中略> 毎晩この美の使徒たちが出てきては、宇宙を諭すような微笑みで照らす。

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

(and) as the eye is the best composer, so light is the first of painters.