With my mom’s birthday coming up, we decided to get together for a family gathering / hanami brunch. Lauderdale is a cafe restaurant by the sakura street on Roppongi Hills, one of my favorite brunch places, not because of the quality of their food (it’s so-so) but because of the atmosphere. It’s usually crowded, loud, and filled with good-natured air.

I brought my camera, and finally got several shots of sakura in the bright sun.

At Lauderdale, you sort of can eat breakfast all day long. Guess that’s why I love the place so much. I ordered souffle with mushrooms and swiss cheese.

My niece has turned 2 just a few weeks ago. My sister asked me to choose her daughter books as birthday gifts for the rest of her life. I guess I should strategically list up the must-read books for a girl at each age. I’ve got tons in my mind, but you’ve got to read them at the right age. Timing is critical in choosing books for kids.

It’s very strange that cherry blossoms are falling down not by a petal but as a flower. It seems that birds are collecting honey from the flowers and are kicking them off the trees. I am not kidding.

OK, I am going back to work now. Our office was way too cold for me this afternoon, I barely made it to 5PM so that I can sneak out and work in a near-by Starbucks.
More, later.