Deep breath. Let go.
Just let go of my anger and sorrow.
Don’t waste my time thinking about the things I cannot control.

Smile. Happiness comes to me when I smile.

Don’t let others make me an angry person. Don’t let those who don’t give a damn about me affect who I am.

I was in this state of mind when I left the office past 8 PM. I don’t know why, I started to feel very restless and very frustrated. The fact that I have stayed put in one organization way too long, had suddenly hit me like a lightening. I want uncertainty. I miss possibilities. I seek achievements.

On my way home, I dropped by a wine bar just to change my mood. I knew there would be, but yes there were several people having drinks alone, and chatting away amicably. We spoke about episodes during traveling different countries, traveling in general, how you meet interesting people.

Travel. Meeting new people. Meeting lots of new people.

Think I am going to Italy in early summer. One week in Florence with friends.