Good evening from Singapore!
I wanted to blog all week but the past 2 weeks had been crazy – partly because I was trying hard to win this business trip. My boss made it happen at the very last moment, and here I am!
I really wanted to come here not just because it was the most logical thing to do, but also I have a good friend here and because I really needed to get away. Thought about going out, but I decided to stay in and go to a spa this evening. Spend some quiet moment and reflect myself on this blog.

I must have come to Singapore the best time of the year – its not hot, just a bit moist, and it’s gorgeous outside. The slow & prolonged Singlish accent is soothing. The local language is unintelligible. Food and shopping looks quite promising. Can’t wait to explore more.

The other reason for being busy is the Hunger Games. I’m into Book 3 now. The author kills more people than I remember in any other young adult books, except perhaps Harry Potter 7, although cruelty is inevitable part of the story. And the story is great.

In addition, I finished knitting the fuchsia cardigan, and I have been working out. Can you believe it? Me, working out. So, my new year’s resolutions weren’t that futile after all.

More from this tropic city, soon.