This time, 3/4 of my weekend, including sleeping hours, was spent working towards launching a new magazine. My weekend in August has been and will be like this, unavoidably. But finally I began to see a bit of a light on far end of the tunnel.

And at last, around 6 o’clock on Sunday evening, I realized that I hadn’t done anything this past 2 days apart from work ( I didn’t even watch the Olympic Games).


One thing I had hit upon this afternoon is that these vintage chairs need oiling.
That, their lives are upon my shoulders now, and there is no one else to take care of them.
They may die early deaths without someone polish them and nurture them.
Quite true.
So, I put out a wax can and an old cloth, and got down to work until it was deeply dark outside.

I’ve had these chairs for several years now, and I wonder why the idea never hit upon me until today. After polishing, the old wood surface looks very charming and warm.
The work itself was a good way to take my mind off from editorial work as well. I really wanted to polish more, but I don’t have anything else to polish in my apartment, so I even thought about volunteering at a neighborhood library to polish their old wooden chairs. Well.

I ended up polishing my leather boots and shoes. Someone was really in the polishing state.

And these 3 photos are my new weekend companions. Espresso machine, a new pottery mug, and a bunch of wool to spin.