I still have tons of photos to show you from Italy.  Just it’s been crazy busy these days.  While my day job is demanding as ever, I still try to knit and read (end up accumulating books after books that I have not read) and catch glimpses of the Olympic Games.  All the while, I do bits and pieces of amirisu work.

But, finally, I finished knitting this piece.  This cotton tee was made with the yarn I bought in Siena.  I named it St. Lorenzo, because the textile looks a bit like the church in Florence. Pattern by myself.
でも、漸くこのニットが出来上がりました。シエナで買ってきたコットンのテープヤーンで編みました。St. Lorenzoと名付けたのは、フィレンツェのSt. Lorenzo教会のファサードに似てるかな、と思って。デザインは私。

Actually, this piece was almost done for a few weeks.  It knits up very fast with 6.5mm needles, besides, it’s just 2 squares sewn together.  The special part of it is this shoulder seam – I knitted in a string of heavy metal chain with a fancy yarn.

The only tricky part was to decide the length of the chain.  I had to redo it several times. Can’t wait to wear it outside!

Raveled here.