We have launched a new knitting magazine – sort of – on August 31, non-Japanese time.  http://www.amirisu.com
It took me the whole weekend and a day to finally recover somewhat, and to resume preparing for the issue #2.

On Friday evening, we ended up finishing the site and Ravelry pages after midnight, after 1AM.  I was so nervous that my stomach actually hurt.

From the moment of the launch, we kept receiving congratulations and pattern sales and tweets – we could hardly sleep (Tokuko was staying with me for the night, because we knew it was going to be an overnight work).

On Saturday, we got up very early, still nervous.  Thankfully, there weren’t any critical issue, and we kept receiving messages from all over Japan, from all over the world.

Wow.  We had never expected that.

Our small ambition somehow turned itself into a big thing.  I have no idea when that happened.
Come to think of it, I am still amazed that our designers have decided to work with us.  We had absolutely nothing to show to them.  And right after we announced about our intention back in March, Mari (Mari Tobita, who designes for VK and BT!) offered her help to us.  We owe you so much, Mari-san.

Now that we’ve got something to show to you, we can easily say “come and join us!”  Call for Submission for our next issue will open from tomorrow.  The next issue will be around early February, so it could contain some wintery clothes but also spring fashion.  It’s going to be great.

Thank you so much for all your supports in the past, and your love letters and positive waves coming towards us in the last few days.  Sending you our love back!