Yes, I am reflecting myself.  Not in a good way, but not totally unhappily.

I bought many things last month, out of stress, for staying at home while I hear people talk about vacation and beaches and mountains and lakes.  And for working on a project that was going anywhere.

But, I managed (with my colleague) to sort the project out at work, and yay, amirisu  issue #1 was done.
So in September and October, I’ve planned travels and dinners and brunches and knittings.  And, why it’s still so busy?

Anyhow, I promised you to show “some” of the things that I bought.

Entry #1.  A cute cute yellow leather bag.
It’s made by a Japanese handmade leather goods manufacturer, REN.
Oh, don’t click – you’ll want to order everything.  Like, I already know which one I will order next, and the one after.
Entry #2.  A yellow hairband.  This was just $5, so I guess it doesn’t count.
(the Kindle cover has been with me for 2 years? now. Not new.)

Entry #3.   This lovely pillows, from Etsy.  I literally ordered them in 5 minutes.  I am not apologizing. Laura Frisk, you are so talented.
She has carved these designs out of wood panels, and hand printed on fabrics.  You can pick both paint and fabric colors.  If she had a squirrel, I would have ordered one more.

Entry #4.  A silk yarn from DyeForYarn.  This color is called “dead roses” or something.  I love their color naming skill, too.

I don’t have photos for other acquisitions, so, more, next time (perhaps).