The new issue came out almost exactly 24 hours ago. Thank you for all your lovely messages. Each touched my heart.
The page view exceeded 50,000 already!

I truly love all the designs we published this time, whereas last time there were some I loved more than others.  I am thrilled to have worked with Gudrun and Ysolda.  The yarn company we introduced is truly one of my favorites.

Thought it would be easier the second time, and in a way it was, but there were many new challenges.

One reason is that we raised our bar ourselves.  Although it is a free webzine (at least to read), and we do it as our sort-of “hobby”, people have high expectations.  I wish I can spend all my time on it, but what I can spend is 2 hours a day max, even if I completely give up seeing friends or watch DVDs on evenings.  As a marketer and as someone who specializes in customer experience, I want our webzine to be technically better and faster.  But all we have are our wits and my  basic understanding of how the markup language functions.  But we are almost there.  A few more steps and our website would be good enough.

On the other hand, I have the amazing business partner. It is a magic that we met each other through Twitter! I love what she designs, writes and her attention to details. She likes my photos, writing, graphic design and my strange ideas. We don’t have to check each other’s work, which is very rare thing to happen. It’s stress free.

And, I feel there is something great happening.
Today at a small party, we brought together yarn geeks and knitting addicts for the second time, and I saw there was a very unique community happening. Designers became friends with each other, an editor showed her up-coming book, a shop owner found herself a test knitter.
This is what I love. I am so glad we started this webzine.

So, when you get a chance to read the new issue, please visualize this exciting brand-new universe popping out next to the old one, filled with passion about knitting, yarn, creativity and friendship. It is more about this new universe than the magazine itself!