Some of my relatively new friends may not know, but it usually takes a giant push to get me out of my apartment.  I love staying at home, cancelling all the appointments, and just read. So, I think I have achieved quite a lot this year in this perspective.


I (together with Tokuko) published two issues of amirisu, have established an LLP, traveled more than 4 weeks in total, started a new job, translated two books, made lords of new friends.

I’ve traveled to many places, some of which are among my life list.  Kanazawa, Naoshima Island, Cape Cod, Seattle, Portland, Seoul, Tokachi in Hokkaido, Itoshiro Village… and a few times to Kyoto as well.

These days I feel like I am coming closer to another crossroad of my life.  I started to care less about certain things, and started to understand more about myself.

What dream a person has feels more important to me than how smart or capable the person is.  Some may laugh at me talking about dreams, but our dreams become more and more important as we grow older.  Don’t you think?


Soon after I started my very first job, I met a Japanese woman in her 40s, who had moved to NYC without any prospect, right before turning 40.  She started to paint in NY, which she had always wanted to do, made many many friends there, and after several years, she opened her own art gallery in NY. Now she is married and settled in the States.  When I first met her, she was still painting in her small apartment.  I remember her courage had amazed me enormously.  Now that I think of, I am getting close to that age.


My time for jumping off the bridge to reach a whole new world is probably right around the corner… which is pretty exciting!



Today was the last day at work before the holidays.  My family and I are renting a house near the ocean down south for a week.  Hope to blog again in the next few days.


Until then!  Happy new year, everyone!