OK. I am stuck at the airport in Boston, found a hotel in a sketchy area near the airport (I am determined to stay in my room until tomorrow morning. It’s a very nice hotel, so don’t worry), and my online reservation somehow hasn’t come through whereas I have already gotten a confirmation email, and I am still not sure if I can get to SF without missing my connecting flight.
But this several hours may have been just exactly what I needed to catch up with my work and pull my thoughts together.

The cab driver was incredibly nice. He asked me why in the world I had picked the hotel, and gave me all kinds of suggestions on which hotels I should have chosen. He came from Pakistan just 3 years ago, spoke very good English which he said he had studied in his country at school. His family live in Boston area, because the weather here is similar to his hometown – Islamabad. He said his hometown is beautiful – which made me so envious – I wish I could say the same.

I decided to post some images from Cape Cod. It was cold and nobody was there, but something about the place attracts me. I love that all buildings have characters, somehow, even those very badly designed ones built in 70s and 80s. I love it that shops there have some tastes. I love that you can see water from everywhere.




I love Patricia’s apartment. She is renovating a house right now, and is temporarily living in an apartment.
First things first, we had a nice afternoon tea with her home-baked cookies (she is an amazing baker).



She has lots of vintage things, and they were just so cute. Her vintage container collections are adding a character to her rooms.


She got these drawers from an old library – I just envy her. If you have an extra vintage library drawer, please call me. The idea of having something from a library (and it’s vintage) is fascinating to me.



It was sweet of her to have pulled out all her Kinfolk collection for me. I poked around her book shelves in the guest room, and found a very old polaroid camera. Vintage life. So lovely.



The above is her homemade granola (I’ve got her recipe!) and her super amazing buckwheat cookie. They are saving my life today…thank god. Below is her dream-house-in-the-making. Can’t wait to go back to see it’s finished.

Sending lots of love, Patricia!