It seems Sunday mornings are time for me to sleep in.
I had a seriously disturbing dream about a kid using drugs on a bus (that seemed like a size of a ferry), I had to get up. I have no idea where that came from, because I had a perfectly restful and fun day with my friend yesterday, walking around Salem, and watched War Horse which was pretty good. More photos, when I find enough time to clean them up.


After leaving Providence, I spent an amazing 24 hours at Patricia‘s. She is the sweetest, and I discovered that we have similar taste and interests in magazines and books. Although it was freeeeezing cold at Cape Cod, I enjoyed walking around the bay and decided I need to go back there again soon.


What I love so much about traveling is not just to experience very different lifestyles, but to hear the fascinating stories people have. I love talking to people – or rather, I love listening to people talking – when they have good stories. I feel very fortunate that my friends are the kind of people who pay attention to details of lives and histories of places, and they are interested in stories. I am embracing the treasures.


今朝はなんと(フェリーとも思える巨大な)バスの中でドラッグをやっている男の子がいるという最悪な夢(夢の中ではただ単に不思議だったので、変な後味だけ)を見て目が覚めました。さすがに起き、今朝ご飯中。どこからそんな夢出てきたんだろう。昨日はセーラムという魔女狩りで有名な街を友人と訪れ、夜はWar Hourseという映画を見ました。とても良い映画だった。


プロヴィデンスを出発した後、24時間ケープコッドの友人宅へ滞在。短い時間だったけど、すっごく楽しかった!彼女の本や雑誌の趣味がすごくて、センスが私のズバリ好きな物だったので、色々盛り上がりました。興味や考え方も似ていて。彼女とは数年前にSquam Art Workshopsのコテージが一緒だったけど、同じ部屋でもなかったし夜におしゃべりしただけだったので、こんなに面白い人だったとは、あまり分かっていなかった(笑)。年齢も20くらい違うけど、本当に縁って不思議。ケープコッドが気に入って、また近いうちに行こうと心に誓いました。