After coming back from the States, I cleaned up my apartment, went furniture shopping, and visited Nasu (2 hours north of Tokyo where the Emperor has a summer house) and Seoul. Now I am done with all the planned travels…it feels sad, relieved, resting, and stressful all at the same time.


Now I am working hard as my tail has caught a fire. So much to do before I start my new job.





Nasu as truly beautiful. Although I have been on vacation for more than 4 weeks now, I haven’t rested for 4 months – finishing up the issue#2 of amirisu, working hard like hell before I left my old job, trunk shows, workshops and then 3 weeks of road trip.
That 24 hours at Nasu helped me wash away the heaviness on my back, really gave me peace. I am slowly going back to my normal life, feeling somewhat overwhelmed with things I have learned from the recent trips starting to merge and mixed into those from old life.




Then I went to Seoul.


The trip was like completing a full circle to me.
I spent the first few years of my career at my old company working very closely with our Korean offices (we used to have two). I have made many friends there through work, and loved every moment of my time there. Everyone in the offices treated me extra kind, and I, quite truthfully, enjoyed leaning Korean ways of thinking and their ways of getting things done. I made friends with smartest, kindest people you can find in the country.


This time, I was on vacation with my sister, but I got to see four of my closest friends there – I felt our friendships became the life-long ones. I hope I will make great friends through my new work as well.








Now, it’s time to work, work hard…while, I still sometimes knit.