This past weekend, I was invited to be part of a group to take a 2 day trip to a small art-museum island in West Japan, called Naoshima.  It was organized by a well-known business school professor in Japan and a friend of mine.  Tadao Ando, the architect, and the chairman of Benesse holdings that own half the island were the special guests.  They told us various stories during the dinner time, and gave us an enormous amount of inspiration to us youngsters.



They told us to live strong, have strong aspirations, and to work to be proud of what we individually do.  They want young people to be proud of own toughness through diverse experiences outside of schools.

Aside from the talk from some of the most esteemed leaders of Japan, I was greatly inspired and encouraged by other participants, who themselves had lots of stories to tell.    They inspired me to become a brave person who shares positive energies with others.  I have no excuse but to live well and strong, with everything I’ve got.  I am so grateful for having been part of such a group.  Thank you.