It had been a full week.


I‘ve caught a bad cold from my manager last weekend, spent half the week at home feeling miserable but still had to work morning and night.  I, for the first time in my life, went to a doctor for a cold.  After that, I started to feel much better.

We had a photo shoot session for amirisu issue #3 this past weekend.  I am in charge of visual and editorial elements, including photo styling and location hunting, so it’s always an enormous pressure.  We book a photographer, a makeup artist, and models just for one weekend, so there is no way we can reschedule nor make mistakes.  We also had many troubles this past few weeks that terrified us.

But, for the first time ever, the weather was perfect, the locations were just as we had planned, we had wonderful talents together…everything went well.  We have learned how to work together as a team, which makes things so much easier.

The issue #3 is going to be a beautiful issue.  I cannot wait to show you the images we have taken.


I’ve got another news.  As we have written to our newsletter subscribers, amirius has become an LLP as of a few days ago.  We’ve been preparing for this behind the scene for some time, so I am very happy to announce it to you, my friends.

After the second issue was released, we started to get offers to collaborate, and started thinking about setting up a more formal org.  We discovered that both of us were thinking about the same thing, again, and things progressed quickly from there.  The term of business is 20 years. “Isn’t it wonderful if we would both be healthy and happy and still running amirisu together 20 years later?” We don’t know how things are going to be, but that is our thought right now.

We are extremely serious about what we do as amirisu.  We are not doing it for money, nor for obligation, nor for someone.  We are not making any money, yet we give everything we’ve got to each issue.  We are that serious.

We want to continue this way.  I should re-read today’s blog sometimes to remind myself how I feel today.