Three weeks of vacation seems like a good lengthy one, but in a hind-sight, it was very short. I remember each day I spent with wonderful people, yet it also feels like it had been only a few days. Visiting Seattle was in my Life List, so I can check that out. Really? Is it that easy?


In three weeks, I have:
– met 6 Squammies (people who had been to Squam Art Workshops) and have stayed with 3
– had 3 business meetings and made a lot of progress
– visited 3 yarn stores in total of 6 times
– bought 5 books
– read 1 book
– participated in a knit cafe
– visited 9 cities
– went to a party
– watched 3 movies except for the ones I saw on flights
– went to a high school baseball game
– took a ferry to an island
– shopped tons
– shipped 2 boxes home
– met so many wonderful people.


So much happened – I am indeed a different person than a bone-tired stressed-out little gal who set out on a journey 3 weeks ago. When I speak to you next time, I will see you with a whole fresh pair of eyes.