By living and working in the country, I felt I could enjoy a more integrated life, and although I still need the periodic stimulation of New York City, the opportunity and creative activity in an area of both beauty and tranquility seemed to me to far exceed anything that  a studio and residence in New York might offer—the way a man lives is essential to the work he produces. The two cannot be separated.
Lester Beall ( 1903–69 )



レスター・ビール ( 1903–69 )


I am translating a book right now.  Today is the deadline, and I am finishing up the last bit.


A friend of mine told me the other day — although I cannot quite remember when that was — that the word “work-life balance” should be dead and be thrown down to the abyss of the ocean.  Our works and our lives – these are not to be balanced, but the two are the same, or at least they overlap quite significantly.  A lot of us now work from home.  Where we live are where we work.


I have bought a few new pieces of furniture, and am in the process of redecorating my apartment.  But, the biggest problem is not inside my apartment, but rather, where I live.


The other day, one of my Korean friends made the sharpest comment about myself, among anything I’d ever heard.  “Meri, you should have worked for Martha Stewart, and should have moved to an island in Canada or something, where you can see beautiful scenery and waterfront.”


I really admire her for seeing people truly, and saying that out loud for them.




いつだったかハッキリとは思い出せないけど、友人が或ることを言っていて — 「ワークライフバランスっていう言葉はもう意味が無いから捨てた方がいい」— それは私がぼんやり考えていたことをクリアに述べてくれた言葉でした。仕事と人生。バランスをとるべきものではなくて、この2つは同じもの。少なくとも、人生の大半は仕事をしているわけです。今では家で仕事をする人も多くて、暮らす場所と仕事をする場所も同じ。