My friend, Cassie, hosted a knitting picnic event, Keito Date-o, at Yoyogi Park this afternoon.  Olga (olgajazzy) and I got together for lunch at ARMS (a brunch/burger place near the park) and have participated together.

Since Tokuko was working today, I brought in 4 pieces of garments and shawls she had made for amirisu.  There were almost 100 people there, and it was a very international crowd. 100 people may not seem like a big group, but imagine, 100 women were knitting together in a park.  It was quite impressive.

About 2 hours into the event, Cassie announced to everyone that today was my birthday.  About 100 people in a park sang for me… how sweet!  It felt so surreal that it did not feel like my birthday at all! lol.

Thank you for all your messages, my dear friends!

I felt like I had to do something special for my birthday, so I came home and had a chocolate cookie ice cream, read a new book from my favorite Japanese writer, and opened a sketchbook.  I saw this page in the photo.


“Life is a journey, not a destination.”


It’s a card a friend of mine gave to me at random a while ago.  I feel like this phrase is very close to my heart.

I am not good at defining my goal or targets.  I don’t like the feeling of failure or disappointment when I cannot meet my target, and I don’t like the numbness that comes after the exhilarating feeling of achieving the targets, either.  I think there was only one real goal I ever had – which was to study abroad.  Other choices were mostly made on the spur of the moment.  I had always wanted to study abroad since I was 10 years old, and I actually did that when I was 24.  But I don’t think it had been a right way to set a meaningful goal.  Because, the extremely fun year went by very quickly.  After that, I could not help but wonder what my goal had been.

On the other hand, I don’t think goals such as “I want to achieve this sales amount” or “I want to climb this mountain” are any better.

What is a “goal”, really?


Our life matters every moment, every moment means something, and every moment is beautiful.  I don’t like the way some people “endure and suffer a certain period of time in order to achieve a goal”, and that sweet moment vaporizes instantly, and what will we be left with? But then, perhaps I think this way because I had been sickly all through my teenage years, 20s, and until early 30s.  I used to feel like I had no “someday” waiting for me.


Today, I realized that I have come more than half way of my journey (I don’t think I will live longer than the average).  It’s not a negative statement.  I feel proud of myself that I have come such a loooong way.  Thanks to all my family and friends.

The scenery I see is turning more and more beautiful, and the journey has become more enjoyable by the year.  No one had told me growing old is really wonderful, but that’s what I feel these days.


今日は友人のCassieが主催するKeito Date-oという編み物ピクニックが代々木公園で開催され、それにolgajazzyの名前で活躍するニットデザイナー、Olgaを誘い、2人で出かけてきました。ランチはOlgaと旦那さんと代々木公園駅近くのARMSで。








「Life is a journey, not a destination」