An unfortunate little bud fell off from a branch. This girl, while being separated from her family, still looks so pretty. Join me in saying goodbye to this poor girl.


Because I finally bought a new Kindle Paperwhite, I was able to maneuver through Oscar Wilde’s anthology this morning, to find the Portrait of Dorian Gray. Started reading it.
I am a fan of Oscar Wilde’s writing. His style is full of whit, vivid images, and interesting conversations, I easily forget that he is from the 19th century. When compared to Emerson, whose writing I am struggling to understand, Oscar is such a friendly guy.


The whole purpose of writing this blog today is to say “yay” to a friend of mine in London who has dropped me an email after reading yesterday’s post. I bought a bunch of pink sweet peas this afternoon, P. I will write you back as soon as I can.





ついにKindle Paperwhiteの新しいバージョンを買いました。「そんなに違わない」というレビューを幾つか見ましたが、大違いですよ。中身のブラウズができるようになったし、ブックマークも付けやすくなった。Kindleに入っている全集チックな本達はインデックスがちゃんと付いていないので、収録されている短編が探せずに中々読めていなかったのですが、このKindleにしてラクラクになりました。それで、オスカーワイルドのドリアン・グレイの肖像を読み始める。