I’ve moved to Kyoto yesterday. It was dark when I got to Kyoto Station two nights ago by Shinkansen (the moving company took care of my stuff and I took a train to get here), couldn’t see a thing outside of my hotel window, but yesterday morning, it finally drawn on me that I came to a new territory.

Things are very different in Kyoto, especially if you live in an old house. Equipments are so old that I don’t know how to use them (like, I don’t know how to plug my TV to antenna because I’ve never seen such an old plug). I don’t know how to talk to neighbors because I didn’t see them at all when I had lived in Tokyo. It is so quiet outside and it makes me queasy… and it’s been raining cats and dogs outside.
I am still pretty scared of being in this new home that I’m trying hard to make my place as comfortable as possible. But tomorrow is the first day at work, and working will help me get grounded, I know.
Please wish me luck!

(The photo is a hotel lobby where I stayed two nights ago. It was pretty nice.)