This is going to be a quick update because – OMG – I’ve got so much work this weekend, whereas outside it’s gorgeous everywhere with beautiful weather. All the foliage is totally wasted on me. I must remain in Kyoto at least another few years in order to see all the beauties in this city. Just not this year.

I forgot to bring more yarn from our shop for the weekend, and I instantly ran out of yarn when I was knitting the garter part of the cardigan. So I pulled out my beloved Woolfolk FAR projects from a basket, and finished knitting a hat I’ve been working on. It’s a beauty, if you see it in person.  Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.  The pattern is called Graham, and you can get it here.  I guess my gauge was a bit tight.

FullSizeRender (16)

I finally got around to watch this video I bought several months ago.  It’s about a history around Helvetica, the “classic” (in the modern sense) font that everyone is so accustomed to, the font that non-designers don’t pay much attention to.  I’ve been a sucker for good fonts since I started using computers (long time ago), and I found myself returning to the basics as I grow older. The video will probably give you lots of hints, if you are interested in graphic design.

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A few things.


Yesterday I made a mistake of start reading this blog post on a public transportation – don’t do it:  (Only recommended for Outlander fans, though)


I’m loving this cowl by Helmut Lang that one of the customers told me about yesterday. She has bought some yarn to knit one herself, and I cannot wait to see it. So glad we are knitters:,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=womens-accessories


Do you know there is a SNS for startups around the world?  You can meet like-minded people while you travel, and I just had my very first startup meetup with a guy from Belgium:


OK – amirisu issue 6 is coming up – in January 2015… I hope!

Have a good weekend and holidays, dear friends!