Like last week, I don’t have much time because I have tons of other things to write, just right now. There are good days with lots of small surprises, and bad days that make us both truly freak out. These days will be buried in our memory because there will be more interesting things coming up. We are so excited. Scared, but excited.

One of the good things that happened recently was, a highly-esteemed and popular life style shop in Japan (we are both huge fans) has just opened a branch in just a minute from our office/shop. The company is based in Tokyo. They mysteriously appeared “inside” the closest temple ground in our neighborhood. This is unheard of – a temple has a shop and a cafe. Yes, they have a cafe, too, and a real good one! Tokuko and I always go to their cafe in Shibuya whenever we visit Tokyo, so it’s like – we invited them in?! How did this happen? We are both so excited.


A none-work related sad thing is that I already broke a teapot I bought just a week ago. I broke a handle of my old teapot the other day, and just bought this one, which I instantly fell in love. You know what’s disturbing? I broke the handle again… What’s happening to me? Can anyone give me a teapot that won’t easily break?


But these small plates are still doing well. I love them too – I bought all of them at a pottery fair in the potters’ area in Kyoto.


A knitting related note – I fell in love with this wreath.  Looking for some yarn right now.


Susannah is organizing December Reflections, and it starts today.  Join us, Instagrammers!


Just finished watching the last episode of True Detectives.  The actors, the script and the camera work were so good.  Highly recommended.


Started using an app called “Diana”.  It lets you layer 2 photos and add another layer of filter.  So much fun.


OK – until next week!