Please be patient for a week or two, until things get settled down. I’m quite overloaded these days, and my thoughts come and gone in a matter of seconds. I want to read, want to knit, want to go to cinema. Moreover, I want to think.


But I have a thing to tell you.
It took so long but I finally received the new Kinfolk issue. I must say I was disappointed, and decided not to renew my subscription.
I am 100% OK that the magazine is no-longer ad free. As a publisher myself, I know how little money we make from selling printed things (yes, I am blaming printers, yes). That does not bother me.
What disappointed me is the new editorial design. It looks very very bad. What happened to them? I know they hired a new editorial designer, for they were looking for one. What bothers me is that Nathan wanted to change the design, which was already perfect. (The fact that they stopped using the paintings is also sad, but I can bare with that.)
As a designer, it is understandable to want to try something new, to make things better, newer, more interesting. It is tempting to try different formats every issue. There are thousands of fonts out there – why not try using different fonts every time?
Good designers would not do that. And I thought Nathan had a supreme taste – or perhaps he does, but he does not care about the magazine anymore, more interested in other things.  They should have upgraded the contents, not the look.
So, I saw Kinfolk lost its steam, as we know it. It’s sad, but we have to move on.


That’s all I have to say this week.
Keep warm, people!

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