What is on your needles these days? I was able to spend some quality time on knitting during the New Year’s break. The first is this Loopy Mango throw.  I’ve been knitting it on and off at our shop for a few months, but decided to bring it home and finish it.  It’s so warm!

The kits we had at store were sold out already.  It seems Loopy Mango yarn has been overly popular among Asian countries and now we are having hard time restocking it.


この冬は何を編んでいますか?お正月休み、やっと編み物をする時間がとれ、まずはLoopy Mangoの膝掛け(throw)を仕上げました。お店でたまーに編んでいたのですが、家が寒いのでもういい加減使おうと、持って帰ってきました。編む過程があったかい!完成したらもっとあったかいです。


The other project I started is a fair isle neck warmer. We had a fair isle knitting workshop in December, and I was tempted to start one myself. It’s a good way to try different stitch patterns and color combinations.  I am trying to keep the botanical theme throughout.



FullSizeRender (30)

The third project is – the Forest Cardigan! The neck band is looong and wiiide…it’s taking such a long time. I should be done with it soon and am dying to wear it.

To knit it, I am testing our new yarn bowl.  Together with an artist in Hokkaido, we’ve come up with a new design that we’d like to use. So far, it seems to work perfectly.


Hope your year of knitting will be fulfilling and rewarding… happy knitting!


もう一つは、Forest Cardiganの前立てと襟ぐり。。。長くて全然進みません。でもこのヤーンボールを試しているので、それは楽しい。これ、北海道の作家さんと一緒にデザインしたオリジナル。試作品の試用中です。2月くらいからちょっとだけ販売する予定です。お楽しみに♪


今年の編み物も楽しく学びの多いものになりますように。Happy knitting!

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