My idea of the worst moving day is to move in a pouring rain, when you are so sick that you would rather stay in bed doing nothing. I caught cold last weekend, and it got worse and worse. And on the day of the move, I woke up with a sound of a pouring rain. Great.

But I did finished moving, and have been unpacking feeling pretty sick.  I haven’t been able to get back to work yet this week.  We have a trunk show this weekend in Tokyo, and before that, we have to refurbish our shop/office. Next week, we have to get back to Tokyo again, very reluctantly. I wish, I go to bed tonight, and the next time I open my eyes, it will be the end of April. Seriously.

But I wanted to drop a line here, so that everyone will know that I am very much alive, and am very happy despite everything…despite… I even dropped my iPhone in water this morning, almost burned my fingers making coffee, and can’t figure out how to put all the books back in a bookcase.

I’ll see you on the other side of April.