It’s been 3 weeks since I flew out of Kyoto and landed in the States. After TNNA, during which I had been sick, I’ve spent my part work, part vacation days in Seattle and Portland.
Three weeks in one place is pretty long. I’ve done 2 weeks in Seoul, New York and Providence, but hadn’t done more than that since London when I was in college (except when I had studied in the States). Three weeks is a plenty of time, but still not enough to meet all the people you wanted to meet.
Still, I’ve had a marvelous time.




We’ve done 7 yarn shops in 3 weeks, and have bought tons of yarn for ourselves.  It’s great to actually touch the yarn you only see online, to be able to see swatches and new pattern inspirations.  Yarn stores are our haven.


I managed to finish a summer top, knitted with Quince & Co. Kestrel (Sand colorway), and have been frequently wearing it.  It’s one of Olga’s patterns, Francis, and I love it so much.  If I can find a new yarn that can get me the same gauge, I would totally knit it again in a different color.  I used 6.5 skeins of Kestrel.

旅行中に2つの作品が仕上がりました。1つめはQuince & Co. Kestrel (色はSand)で編む夏のトップス。こっちで頻繁に着ています。着心地が良くて、とっても重宝。OlgaのFrancisというパターン。近々これもオンライン講座にするかもしれません。面白い編み方だし。私は6.5カセ使いました。


DSC_0318 DSC_0323

Also I was able to finish the shawl called Winnowing, designed by Bristol Ivy. Like Olga, she’s one of the designers I avidly follow, and I cannot wait to knit another pattern from her in the near future.

I haven’t blocked this shawl yet.  After blocking, I expect it to be taller and larger.

それから、WinnowingというBristol Ivyデザインのショールも完成。何ヶ月かかかった大作なので、出来上がった時の達成感もひとしお。総ねじりゴム編み。


Ingenious pattern – cannot fathom how she came up with such a shape.



It’s been an inspirational and rejuvenating trip.  You will see a lot of fruits from this trip in the next few months for sure!  See you back in Kyoto.