This weekend is my one year anniversary of moving to Kyoto. I don’t have anything special planned, except for the 4th of July barbecue. Maybe on Monday, I can treat myself for the special occasion – oh wait, I will be working next Monday…
My life has been like this, and it’s not bad at all. I can’t imagine going back to my old life, nor want to. This is where I want to be, right here, right now.
On a broad perspective, women in their late 30s, especially if they are single, should embark on an adventure. You’ve got the resources, courage, friends, and energy. Just do it.
(If you are a male, especially if being married, wait for another 10 years. You are likely to be still in your boyhood. Just my opinion.)




Last weekend, I had a lovely time surrounded by a temple-full of hydrangea.
They had many unusual kinds, but I discovered the fact that my most favorite kind is this small white flower one. I love the kind of flowers that comes in abundance, with leaves and branches, rather than one big center piece such as calla lily or gerbera.



On the knitting front, I am halfway through a short sleeve pullover called CineCitta. Designed by  lovely Rililie, it’s top down but fits well around the shoulders. Can’t wait to finish it.


RililieのCineCitta、こんなに進みました。スタートから1週間半、順調です。袖をちょっと長くして、秋に着られるようにするのが目標。糸が足りるといいな。糸はOrangeFlower SW SportのRainという色 です。とても気に入っています。



My mystery KAL shawl is done. I love the colors I picked, and how the piece is very geometric and a bit on the masculine side, although it is a fingering-weight shawl.

I have several projects lined up for this summer, so I’m trying to finish each of them as fast as possible.  I’ll post more project photos (only the ones I can share) in the near future.

Until next time!