While the rainy season is not yet finished, and people say it is going to be a very wet summer throughout, it’s been pretty hot and extremely humid these past few days. Kyoto is getting ready for the big summer festival, and I started to practice wearing yukata, the summer version of Japanese kimono.

In the past year or two, I’ve noticed that I am more attracted to linen and cotton textiles, especially linen.  Part of the reason may be that there are higher quality products available at more affordable price points, but I think the key change in my perspective has happened because I no longer have to wear things that I don’t like – formal looking jackets in summer, dress shirts that stretches (meaning synthetic), and T-shirts/tops made with synthetic fibers.  It’s liberating.

Which leads to my second point that, I love doing laundry these days.  I love washing linen and cotton dresses, kitchen towels, sheets, and T-shirts.  This heat is helping dry my laundry so fast, too.  I enjoy observing my life has been transformed in many pleasant ways.


Speaking of heat and transformation, one of the films I watched recently was “Chef“.  It’s a story about a cook who had quit his job at a restaurant and started a cuban sandwich food truck.  Through the process, he regains his passion in cooking as well as reconnects with his son.  It was such an uplifting movie and perfect for this weather.  Besides, the food look so delicious and made me want to cook.  I highly recommend it.