The super crazy September is over, and my quiet life has returned. Yes, our shop has moved. You can see some photos over here at our shop blog.  Considering that we had only 5 weeks since the contract to moving in and reopening the shop (1 week to design the space by myself, 1 week for the contractor to purchase wood panels and everything, 1.5 week for construction, 0.5 for painting the walls, 1 week to move and reorganize…whew!), I think we did a pretty good job.  During that time, we also launched a new issue, went to Sapporo for an event, and I had to restock our shop for the fall season.


The new shop building has two floors, and the second floor is our office. As you can imagine, our office space is still in a total mess. We are going to turn it into a cozy working area, eventually.

IMG_4843  IMG_4846


So, after all these are over, yesterday was the first day I can really rest and settle down. I spent a lazy day in the neighborhood, watching a Starwars movie (we are re-watching the whole series now), then cooked dinner.  I couldn’t get up until 10:30 today, again, and we went out to check out a hiking trail that goes along the east end of Kyoto.  It’s been on my “to do” list since I moved here, so I felt like I had actually accomplished something big today.  I am making (restocking) granola at home for the first time since… July? It’s been such a long while so I can’t even remember when was the last time.


Yuzen Garden at Chion-in Temple. The leaves started to turn into yellow and pink.

Along the line of “Slow Fashion October”, the Cowichan vest (Fringe & Friends KAL 2015 #fringeandfriendskal2015 on Instagram) is done, and looking great. I got hooked. I want to make another Cowichan vest, because it was so much fun. The details will be posted on Karen’s blog soon.


I also made a hat and a half (2nd one is on the needles now), and started a sewing project. It feels so nice to regain my rhythm – being able to set aside time to read, to take a relaxing bath, to go for a long walk, and to go to hair and nail salons.

The last time I felt this way was probably 2 full years ago.  My life is really here, in Kyoto, and I am loving it.


Beauty and creativity are everywhere.


View from Higashiyama Trail, above Yasaka Shrine.