We started talking about holiday cards and Christmas decorations these days, and it already feels like the end of the 2015. A lot has happened this year. We have been climbing this mountain without ever looking back, and have just found ourselves so high above the ground –  this is what I feel like right now.  We are yet to see the peak, let alone our destination, but we cannot see the bottom of the mountain, where we started, either.


Last January, about a year ago, we hired our very first part time staff. She started helping us handle shipping, then sometimes man the shop all by herself, and things took off from there.  All of us have been working really really hard since then.  We/I moved 3 times this year, had just finished the retreat, and have just sent Issue 9 data to the printer. What a relief!


Yes, Issue 9! It’s been about 3.5 years, so approx 3 issues per year. We, just two of us, make this 100 page magazine, 3 times a year, and this makes people surprised.  Actually, we only spend a couple of weeks to make one issue.  At least, on my part (of course, Tokuko spends a few months on pattern production).  It’s not the kind of work where you can do a little every day. I write most of the article in one breath on my own, then translate almost everything in a day.  Layout only takes a couple of days, tops. I also get a lot of “doing all the layout on your own must be challenging!” comment, but it is actually the easiest, the least time consuming, and the most fun part of the work.  The hardest part is, of course, to come up with the contents and the theme.  I don’t like the kind of design where lots of decorative fonts are mixed together, so I always try to keep it simple, using beautiful standard fonts.


The theme of this issue is various hues of blue in winter.  Deep blue and navy are my most favorite colors, and I have been curious about making an issue around the color.  I am grateful for many talented designers to have agreed to and be interested in the idea, and did wonderful jobs.  Our photographer and I have spend much time to discuss about the image I wanted to create – the result is, I believe, truly magical.  Hope you will love it as well.  The new issue will be released on December 12.  You can preorder a copy from our Etsy shop.


P.S.  I have a habit of being secretive about what yet to be released, but the above is the real cover of the magazine.  The other image is a dummy :)




今年の1月、初めてスタッフがamirisuに加わりました。発送を手伝ってもらえるようになり、ときには店のお留守番も。それからともかく、みんなで必死に働いてきました。引越しもなんだかんだ計3回、リトリートもあったし、あっという間に11月も終わり。amirisu 9号が先週校了し、ほっと一息ついているところです。