The above is an early morning view from an airport hotel in Seattle. I missed my connection in Seattle due to an unfortunate happening, and came back to Japan on the New Year’s Day. Thank you for your worries and cheers. I wanted to be back for my family, but alas, things happen.
(It was amazing that those construction workers in the photos started working well before sunrise…I was awake from 4 AM, so the noise didn’t bother me at all. They must have seen a hell of a sunrise.)


In the last several years, I had always been pondering and looking into my inner soul and hidden desires to figure out what I wanted with my life. Always try to make plans for the year ahead. Nothing really went as I had planned.
Since the end of 2014, I had just way too much going on that I couldn’t really stop to think “oh, what is my future plan? How I want my life to be?” – and everything went great. I lived and worked as fully as I physically can. I intend to continue that way in 2016.


Having said that, I decided to use a tactile daily planner for the first time in several years.  I rely so much on e-calendars on my iPhone, but I started to miss doodling and putting my thoughts down by using my hand.  I tried using them so many times in the past, but failed every single time. Let’s see how it will go this year.



How do you feel at the beginning of the new year? Hope you will have a peaceful and joyful one.


Below are some photos I took on our drive back from Nashville, TN.  The sunset was crazy beautiful.

IMG_0172 IMG_0176