One of the reasons Tokuko and I made it to Rhinebeck this year was for my wedding.  OK, that is not 100% accurate.  We decided to do our wedding in New York because we had a plan to visit Rhinebeck.  To be very very honest with you, I’d never been to a wedding that made me think “this is how I imagine my wedding to be” – Japanese “Western” style wedding with a fake hired priest is such a turn-off.  Traditional Japanese weddings – they are nice, but well, maybe not for me.  I didn’t want a big wedding, either.  In fact, I wasn’t really interested in weddings at all.  On top of everything, I don’t have time to plan a wedding on my own, in a country where my husband cannot help very much.  I had thought a family gathering with delicious dinner would be nice.


But it happened.  Everything was made possible thanks to my beautiful, new sister-in-law.  She has found a perfect venue for us, ordered flowers and decorations, organized catering and planned accommodations for everyone.  It turned out to be a beautiful, cozy and small wedding with just immediate families and 2 friends each; despite the fact that my husband has a big family.  It was the best wedding I’d ever been to, and far beyond what I had dreamed about.


The day was unfortunately stormy and cloudy, but the house we rented was spacious enough to have everyone very comfortably.  Considering how cold that day was, it was kind of perfect.

I took my time – probably too much time – finding the right partner for myself.  And, I had never expected the partner to have such a wonderful big family.  Growing up, I dreamed about having a big family, sort of like in the old days, when people had many siblings.  Noisy, cheerful holidays.  I am surprised at my luck of finding exactly the kind of partner I always wanted.


On the knitting front, Tokuko had made me a gorgeous, gorgeous Estonian wedding shawl, using Elsa’s Cormo yarn.  It’s big and warm, and was perfect for the chilly day.  I will treasure it forever!

Now, that’s it about my big day, and I will get back to my normal life with normal blog posts. Until next time!