A pair of earrings I bought in Kyoto, hand made by Ayako Bekki.



Ysolda’s online course has started today. I am excited about the class, and also glad that I don’t have to knit the whole garment while on the road. This class is about “planning” your almost-perfect sweater.


Although I haven’t posted any knitting project photos lately, there is a shawl that I am halfway through, and also I have decided what to knit on the road. This cardigan, daffodil designed by Helga Isager, has been my favorite but I’ve failed once. This time I’ve got the Isager yarn, so there is no excuse.


Apart from knitting, there are lots going on around me. A book I translated (into Japanese) will come out in mid March. I am thrilled by the possibility of being able to add “translator” to my job repertoires. What I want to do is to find books that I want to translate, and bring them in to publishers that I know. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was in college, simply because the books I want to read are only available in English most of the time. Books on environmental economics, ecological urban design, landscape architecture, film production design…now knitting technique books. I have been secretly translating things for my own benefit all these years, and it finally started to pay off. It feels wonderful.


Also in planning this year and the next are some events and educational programs, in collaboration with many talented people. I also want to go to an art college, perhaps part time. Although I am in-between jobs, I almost don’t need my day job… almost. I still have to pay my rent and pay for my parents’ living expenses. Sometimes I wish my parents were a bit wealthier, even though I don’t need any money from them. Having always been sick and weak since childhood, I’d never really imagined nor expected that I would be supporting my family. I have no idea how long I can do this either.
Sometimes it is scary to think about. Sometimes I think it is a good thing, to be responsible for something quite out of your controle. Sometimes I wish my parents were normal people with normal jobs. Then, I realize I have never really wanted nor want to be normal. At all. “Normal”, “average”, and “common” are a few of my least favorite words.


If you get me started talking about “normal families”, I could go on forever.


I will be in the States for 3 weeks, until end of March. If you happen to be in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland area, please do drop me a line: sparklink at gmail.com – perhaps you could take me to a cool local café?