You know how this blog used to be a film review blog? Because I used to go to movie theaters every weekend, sometimes twice?  Those were the good days.

But it’s vacation time.  I love knitting while watching movies on the flights. Here are three great films I watched this time.







Perks of being a wallflower

Totally loved it.  Logan Lerman was really fantastic playing a sensitive high school freshman, who had a nervous breakdown after his best friend committed suicide.  Reminded me how emotionally hard it was back in high school.  It made me so happy that those days are over.

まだ日本では公開されていないらしい、「ウォールフラワー」という小説の映画化。最近の三銃士やパーシージャクソンに出ていたLogan Lermanが、友人が自殺して鬱になってしまった高校生を演じ、素晴らしい演技でした。他のキャラクターも皆個性があり魅力的。クールで、かつ深い、オススメです。



Beasts of the Southern Wild

I finally watched this.  Beautiful beautiful film of a 6 year-old’s harsh life.  People live on a half sinking wetland matter-of-factly, accepting life, but at the same time, fighting for life. The girl had to grow up at the age of 6, but there is no sadness there.

これも今年公開でしょうか、先日ブログでも観たいと書いていた、Beasts of the Southern Wild. 不思議な作品でした。アメリカ南部を思わせる、半分水に浸かった「バスタブ」に暮らす6歳のハッシュパピーと周りの人々の淡々とした生活を、少しファンタジーっぽく描いています。ファンタジーっぽいのは、それは6歳の女の子が周りでおこっている出来事を自分なりに解釈しているからだとも思え、面白かった。



Silver Lining Playbook

Who had imagined Bradley Cooper is a real classic actor?  Not me.  Of course he is super good looking and all, and fun, but I had never expected a film that makes me cry.  Yes, it was brilliant.