…when you still have tons of work and tomorrow is the deadlines. And, when you are utterly disappointed in someone.  It’s hard to concentrate.

I am myself very aware that I get very irritated when I am busy.  I complain a lot.  I was wondering why my “stress” glass fills up so quickly when I am busy, while I am pretty tolerant for troubles, confrontational situations, or noise, etc.  Time is what pushes me across the line.

Today, I realized why.  There are usually 24 other things I want to do right this moment.  When I get busy, I am forced to put them aside for a certain period of time.  Then the things start to pile up to about 96.  Voila.  That’s my stress level.

Tonight, right now, I have 4 different tasks because tomorrow is the deadlines.  I have 3 hours before I go to bed.

But I also want to clean up my entire apartment.  Put my clothes away, cook my dinner but didn’t have the time, read 3 books and several magazines, watch a film and knit and…. it continues.  I also need to book my train ticket for tomorrow.

You know what I need?  I need to meditate.

“If You’re Too Busy to Meditate, Read This”  Last year, when I had read this, I almost started to meditate.  This time, I saw clearly why I need to do it.

Maybe I will start from tomorrow.