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Thanks to support and help from a lot of people, we were able to launch the 3rd issue as planned.


I think this issue came the closest among the three issues to what I had originally envisioned.  Due to technical and resource constraints, there are many things that we still haven’t been able to achieve.  But, one step at a time!


It is a knitting magazine, but to include non-pattern and non-knitting contents has always been important to me.  Even though we have “Contribute Ideas” section under the menu bar, there was only one person who submitted an article idea in the past.  I am actually serious about this “Contribute Ideas” thing.


About the front cover.  I made about 10 mock ups and asked Tokuko’s opinion every time I created a new version.  In the end, I decided it was about time I choose Tokuko’s design for the cover, because she is a great knitwear designer in addition to my business partner.  Still, I had to work on details to satisfy myself until half an hour before the magazine release.


Lastly, the thing I regret the most is that the time designers were given ended up being unintentionally short.  The photo shoot had to be planned much earlier than we wanted, and the schedule had become very tight.  So for issue 4, we decided to start very early.  The design submission period is RIGHT NOW, until August 11.  We look forward to your submission!


In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the issue 3!