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I hadn’t written in English in a long while, had I? It’s been quite an adventure since our baby boy was born. On most days, it’s just some sleepiness and cuteness, sandwiched between boredom of not being able to do anything for half an hour while nursing. On other days you have to travel afar with a newborn and just a prep for it makes you go crazy.

The sleepiness is not as bad as what people have been telling me.  I am (or used to be, I should say) a very deep sleeper, and I can get good sleep in those 2 or 3 hours intervals. That being said, the baby is completely jet lagged right now (more so than me), sleeping most of the day while being cheerful and angry during the dead of the night, which is keeping me awake. I have to work during the day. Seven hours of uninterrupted sleep seems like a far-reaching dream to me right now.

There has been a lot of improvements, though.  Our baby boy is so much easier now than two months ago.  He doesn’t get fussy for no reason (to us), and he is usually happy when he’s not hungry.  We can even go out and dine without him crying.  And now that my husband started taking him to his nursery school in the morning, it’s saving me over 40 minutes plus an energy to walk to and from school, and I can enjoy some quiet time every day.  I get to do some chore and knitting. And, blogging.

I just hope that he won’t grow up as fast as he is doing now.  He gained quite a bit of weight in the last month, got almost 1.5″ taller, and started to be able to move/touch things to entertain him. He rolled over the other day.  As much as I am looking forward to him start talking, I also wish that he will stay as a baby forever!  My hope is that I fully enjoy the time with him here and now, and will remember it as clearly as possible.